Saturday, September 30, 2017


I've got a big news to share and it's been a while since we talked or I blabbered and you listened patiently. I know you missed me (say yes) and I missed this place too. But no wasting of time in telling that to each other because we know that we mean it.

So the news is. ohmygodicant'tbreathe.

see the flock of birds? they remind me of this place.
My first collection of poems, Udaari is coming out soon, most probably by the end of next month and I am absolutely thrilled and excited and ecstatic and hyperventilating a little too much.

I've been doing so many things, like gazillion things simultaneously. But not complaining at all because however daunting this process may be, I'm thoroughly enjoying this super crazy ride.

Udaari is a word taken from my native language Punjabi. Udaari means to fly, to spread the wings and take a leap, a quiet soar against the wind. Let me know what you think about the name and the cover design. I'd be happy to hear some reviews.

And talking of reviews, if any of my blogger friend who still reads me, loves me and would like to write a review of my first book, let me know and I'd be happy to send you an advance reader copy. Spread the word friends and help me get famous.

In other news, I've also designed a whole new website because I'm trying my best to learn how to be a professional author and many more important things in between. That's a lot of work too by the way. Check out and join my mailing list, okay.

Also, I think many of you don't know that I'm super active on my Instagram page and Facebook page. Drop by sometime.

And that's that.

I'll be sharing more updates about this project soon. A book launch is also scheduled but more on that later. For now, let's just allow this news to sink in, that it is all happening. Udaari is happening, for real.


Okay bye.


  1. love love love, so proud of you! so cool to have gotten to watch you bloom xxx

    1. :)

      you've been my constant in this beautiful journey. muaaah!