Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A black and white day.

After a long, boring and monotonous day, I finally got some time to write about 7th of December i.e., yesterday. It was neither a very special day nor it holds any historic significance. It's just that I had a mixture of two extreme and completely opposite feelings and that too on a single day. One was good and the other was bad. It was like the whole day was equally divided into two halves and I call it a black and white day.

Few days back, one of my childhood friends, who happens to study here in Delhi, asked me to meet him on 7th. I was so looking forward for the same because we had not met for more than two long years. Trust me, the feeling one gets after meeting an old friend is out-of-this-world. It was as if I have left all the hustle-bustle of my life and have stepped back into my beautiful childhood days when we used to play together, bicker about something or other and spend all the time together. He's still the same, irritating, stupid but really sweet person whom I'd first met when we were in grade two. And so the 'good' part of the day had begun. We recollected so many weird and funny incidents which had lost their way in our memory lane and I realized that one should not really mess up with good childhood friends because they know  a lot about you and of course, your most embarrassing incidents and that could be dangerous. Ha-ha.. :D

Anyway, I should not worry about it. It's not that I've never had any embarrassing moments. I did have many but I know he won't blackmail me with the same...I hope he's reading this ;)
So all in all, I enjoyed a lot.

Then came the second half.
I wonder how certain desires destroy some really pure relations like friendship (yeah..for me friendship is one of the most pure relations) which usually forms the base of any other relation in this world. How could he even think of breaking this bond? And by 'he' I mean a very good friend of mine who, because of some reason asked me to get out of his life. I'm sorry I cannot really write the actual reason behind it but one thing I can say is that it is so damn unjustified. I mean I cannot even imagine that he's gone. I can no more call him my friend. It's hard for me to let go this relation and that too all of a is really very hard. And I know it's equally hard for that idiot but why in the world did he come up with this thought? And after pestering him not to do the same, I finally gave up. I was or rather i still am, so heart-broken to know that I am making his life harder than it already is. It hurts a lot when a very good friend says this and that too when you know that you haven't done anything wrong. But I fulfilled his desire and freed him from this bond and ended the chapter. :(

So this is what happened after I came back from a wonderful evening. This big bolt turned my heart upside down. As the day came to an end, I was totally confused. I did not know how and what to feel. Was I supposed to be happy for meeting an old friend after so long or sad for losing a very good friend? I still don't know...may be losing a friend is more painful. is. That is why today I was not in the best mood. That is why I felt dull and low.
I don't know what's in store for me in the near future..nobody knows actually. I just pray that everything goes well and my stupid, idiot friend comes back as soon as possible :)


  1. who would willingly want to stay away from you?

  2. Firstly, I couldn't imagine anyone would comment on such an old post. But I love stalkers as I too belong to the same league. ;) :*

    Coming to the post, you know sometimes people think that they can escape troubles by closing their own eyes. (Like I do) But this never happens and they make a fool of themselves.
    Similarly, this person (my friend) tried to escape but could not. (And no, I didn't emotional blackmail him. :P )

    But all in all, it had a happy ending. ^_^