Friday, December 24, 2010

Life as a Mirage.

           (This picture is not googled but clicked by me as I so love photography.)

Few days back, while I was trying to study and concentrate on my Legal Methods' notes (externals are round the corner, actually), I came up with a beautiful line.

"Beneath a facade of scarred thoughts, there's always a subtle satiny desire."

My friends laugh at me when I say that 'nobody is bad'. They say that I'm blind-folded and I don't know anything. They say that the world is full of back-stabbers and that there are hardly any genuine persons left. I disagree with this negative belief. I disagree because I strongly believe that behind every wrong thought there is always a camouflaged positivity.

It's true that we all are different souls and so we all tend to have different perception. What looks good to me might look weird and pathetic to another or vice-verse. But if one tries to look through someone else's view point then it is possible to justify a 'scarred thought'. It's simple to understand. If I say that so-and-so person doesn't have basic civic sense and say crap about the same then what is important to note here is that somewhere down the line I have this 'subtle desire' to make that person behave 'normally' which he/she is not doing...according to my own perception. Or let me take another example...another 'scarred thought'....envy. Hmm...very common! So if I am envious of some XYZ then one should try to see the positive desire of mine which says "Whoa...this person is lucky...I so want to be like him/her". But unconsciously, we all close the eyes to the good side and simply highlight the dark and bleak side. As a result, we end up thinking that others are ill-willed personalities.

I know such a deep thought don't help in everyday situations but it surely does when one feels low and dull. At least to me, it does. Like a my own mirage of beauty and peace....where all are good, where everyone love each other, no fights, no cries, no negativity, no fear. A mirage which shows me that all are happy and I'm happy.

This is why I believe in what I think. This is why I say that life as a mirage is as MY mirage is beautiful. :)

Anyway friends, I think it's enough for now and plus it's Christmas let's keep all our worries aside and enjoy. And my dear Santa...I hope this time you'll get me some good marks cause it's the need of the hour. :P :D

Ho ho ho....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! =)

             (And this one is obviously googled...I found this little Santa really cute.)


  1. a problem that arises when trying to communicate is whether Ones meaning of a word would be the same as an others; so when you might say life is a mirage, i have often referred to our perception of it as a illusion...and i agree that we all have different perceptions, which i'd also refer to as different illusions, or even different personal realities...

    so to an extent, when you say "no one is bad", that becomes your personal reality, and then you truly live in a world where no one is bad, even if others dont share the same illusion...but at the end of the day, reality is only those illusions that we have in common...

  2. Yeah, it is surely a part of my reality and belief because I tend to incline it according to my perception and look at the other side of the situation which is, at times, very helpful.

    And you said it right..mutually shared illusions form our reality. :)

    Thank you for dropping by.
    take care! :)

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  4. I have to say...a very good article. I like the way you perceive everything in an optimistic manner. I agree with
    the statement "nobody is bad". Everyone has got something "good" in him/her. Its just that sometimes that "good" part is overshadowed by his "bad" one. And sometimes its our personal perception of that person that denies us to see the good in him/her.

    After reading this article, i feel that first you see all the goods and bads(not being blindfolded and seeing the good only...right?) and rather than stressing upon the bad part you seem to give the good part more importance. Putting things before your mind in such a way that they fit well in your mirage is what keeps you happy and content. Correct me if I am going wrong.

    Well..i feel that our life gets moulded the way we start viewing it in our mind. In this regard, I appreciate your mindset and views about life. Be positive, be happy! :)

    Merry Christmas to you too!!

  5. Abhishek...

    I think you got me right. And I don't know how others take such situations but to me it is a sure way to happiness.

    Thank you so much for sharing your views and I'm glad that you liked this piece.
    :) :)

  6. I believe there's a difference in "choosing" not to see any bad and just "thinking" that no one is bad!

    I agree with RJS.
    I'd only add that, according to me, we are always conditioned to think positive and also to think in extremes. So many a times, and this I say sticking only to my opinions, we might only see the good side when we're low because we do not want to be hurt more by thinking about the truth, which mostly is negative in approach!

    I didn't know you were doing Law. Someone said you were doing English from IP University!

    P.S: Liked the piece.

  7. Shruti...

    Yeah..that is what I said dear. Building a mirage of love and might not always be true but it's kind of a sure way to happiness.

    And yes, I'm pursuing B.A LLB from IP University. I've always had my mind set towards this field.

    Thank you for sharing your views.