Friday, February 24, 2012

Not a Gram More, Not a Gram Less.

(Loved the picture. Thanks to the photographer. Source : deviantart)

I will be a spark.
Momentary. For that is all required to bring to the fore
The missing candor.

I will be the azure.
Yes, I will pass through every lined page.
I will be the laughter, that big one.
Tears with glee will entrap me in the memory cage.

I will be the window.
The one that opens to the world
And focuses on the life that has unknowingly blurred.

Silence and peace is what I dream to be now.
I will encompass all the sourness within my large sweep
And dive into the love that is way too deep.

Some things carry this amazing talent to ease us off every time we experience the charm in them. Following is one such thing for me.


  1. I loved the picture too :)
    And your poetry, as always, is thinky :)

  2. Beautiful post from start to finish, Vinati! The poem is penned so beautifully ~ I've read it thrice now! I am tempted to continue reading until this soothing, wonderful music ends . . .

    Thank you for introducing me to this lovely music! I'm going to place it in my favorites at YouTube :-)

    It's always such a pleasure to read your writings and *thumbs up* to the image selection. Have a great weekend! :* ♥

    1. Fiona...YOU ARE SO SWEET. ^_^
      Thanks a lot.


  3. your poetries are awesome as usual.. :) :)

    I will be the window
    the one that opens to the world


    1. Coming from a writer like you makes me feel all the more honored. Thank you Chacha Nehru!!! =]

  4. The pic is indeed beautiful...

    and your poetry too... keep goin.. :)

    take care


  5. lovely lines!! Poignant as always!!!

  6. Brilliant expressions as say so much in such amazing brevity:-)

  7. Vinati, the words flow like a silent stream when you writ. It has a great serenity and soothing effect:)

    1. I feel so blessed to have you as an ardent reader. Thank you! :)

  8. That picture is awesome <3

    And your words, they take me to a different place. A beautiful one :)

  9. Replies
    1. Hello!!

      Welcome here. I'm glad you liked it.
      And by the way I read your posts. Those poems are beyond words.
      Good work!! :)

  10. :)

    You feels really nice to be reading velvety thoughts, so beautifully woven. It's almost like a mystic wind...soft, gentle...wafting in the air..

    Waitaminnut, the poem is making me all mushy! (pinches self to come back to reality) :P

    You rock, V!

    1. really are mushy lushy!!! XD

      But sir that was really sweet of you.. =)

  11. This one is heartfelt! <3
    And i love love love ATB...! :D