Saturday, February 18, 2012

That Which Cannot Be Expressed.

You don't know which thing might move you to tears unless you experience it. You don't know which thing might touch your heart and take you to another land unless you feel it. You don't know what is there beneath few lines unless you breathe along with every word of it.

Few days back, my friend introduced me to the poetry of one of the most outstanding poets and philosophers Jalal-ad-Din Rumi, a Turkish Sufi. Honestly, I carried some knowledge about this great man but never really spent time to read his fantastic work...his quotations.

Yes, that day in the metro I gulped in some of his most throbbing words and experienced something that I can never articulate in few expressions. It is either indeed ineffable or I am too naive or callow to look for some worthy appreciation. All I can say is that this man's words which were recorded somewhere in the 13th Century moved a teenage girl to tears in the 21st Century. See how amazing it is. We say that people change with time but do you find any change in the inner soul of every homosapien? For I believe that many before me would have shed tears while reading the same lines. Many before me would have felt a strong and powerful connection the way I did. So how am I different to those nth number of people?

Anyway following is the one that I am talking about. You can read his other quotations here.

“Like This 

If anyone asks you 
how the perfect satisfaction 
of all our sexual wanting 
will look, lift your face 
and say, 

Like this. 

When someone mentions the gracefulness 
of the nightsky, climb up on the roof 
and dance and say, 

Like this. 

If anyone wants to know what "spirit" is, 
or what "God’s fragrance" means, 
lean your head toward him or her. 
Keep your face there close. 

Like this. 

When someone quotes the old poetic image 
about clouds gradually uncovering the moon, 
slowly loosen knot by knot the strings 
of your robe. 

Like this. 

If anyone wonders how Jesus raised the dead, 
don’t try to explain the miracle. 
Kiss me on the lips. 

Like this. Like this. 

When someone asks what it means 
to "die for love," point 
If someone asks how tall I am, frown 
and measure with your fingers the space 
between the creases on your forehead. 

This tall. 

The soul sometimes leaves the body, the returns. 
When someone doesn’t believe that, 
walk back into my house. 

Like this. 

When lovers moan, 
they’re telling our story. 

Like this. 

I am a sky where spirits live. 
Stare into this deepening blue, 
while the breeze says a secret. 

Like this. 

When someone asks what there is to do, 
light the candle in his hand. 

Like this. 

How did Joseph’s scent come to Jacob? 

How did Jacob’s sight return? 

A little wind cleans the eyes. 

Like this. 
When Shams comes back from Tabriz, 
he’ll put just his head around the edge 
of the door to surprise us 

Like this.” 
― Rumi

Time for some good news now: I feel elated to announce that Mirage got it's first award by two of my lovely blogger friends. Yayyyyy!!!! It is a complete honor to receive the award. Thank you so much Keirthana and Sumitra. You both made me SOOOOOOOO HAPPY.
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  1. hii

    nice post, I love one quote by the great poet

    "a wound is a place where light enters'


  2. I really regret not reading you all this while! Ur so amaaazing !

    I guess it is never too late :)

    1. Aww..that is so kind of you dost. :-*
      But I have posted after quite some time so I don't think you have missed much. :P

  3. Wow...absolutely brilliant...the exact essence of the feeling of love how it should be...thank you for sharing this...I am sharing it ahead too!
    and also for the link so that I get to drench in such passion again:-)

    1. I am really glad that you liked it. It feels good when people appreciate what you share with them. Thank you so much.. :-* :)

  4. Vinati, You will be rolling in awards the way you write and appreciate poetry!Congratulations! and wish you many more:)

    1. Your comment brought a smile on my face. Thank you so much sir. :)

  5. Exams are here..!! You know what I mean..:D..hahaha..

    And yes,I'm very much into Rumi's quotes these days.Thanks to Divyank..!! :D
    Nice post..God bless You..:)

    1. I told you. There's definitely some problem with my mind. it works only when there is some pressure. :/

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks yaar! :)
      I have been keeping quite busy for the past many days. And now my internals are beginning. :l

      But i'll try to be more regular.

  7. You are right, what a a fab piece...

    Congrts for the award btw :)

    take care

    1. Hey welcome Niya :)

      I'm so glad to see a new face around. And thank you so much sweetheart. Muah!

  8. This is such a moving post, dear Vinati! ♥ I love Rumi too but haven't discovered his work in a deeper level, as you have presented here. Makes me thirst for more! I will definitely check out this link you have posted here!

    I can't believe that this is your first award! You deserve an abundance of them! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :*

    In your absence I posted a syllable form of the Fibonacci Sonnet called "Love's True Hue". You may be interested in viewing it when you have some free time. I also gave you a special mention on my haiku entitled "Music". Thanks to you, I found Haiku Heights and for these last couple of weeks I've been enjoying the challenge of creating my own. I'm very new to this form but felt inspired to write more when I met you and Balqis :-)

    Both of these posts are on my sidebar . . . Have a great week!

    1. Fiona, it is an absolute pleasure to have you as a ardent reader to be more clear. Your comments never fail to take me to cloud nine. This time was no different, needless to say. So a big THANK YOU and a virtual tight hug for that!! ^_^

      And yes, I read these posts.
      You always impress me and your readers with your skill and a strong command of words. And i was over-joyed seeing my mention there. Thank you so much meant a lot!!
      Kisssieee!!! :D :-*

      Take care! =)

  9. Vinati jee :D Jalal Rumi is the man who had ability to play with the words, mend them the way he wanted and create something which was ineffable. One of my all time favorite sufi poets :D Thanks for bringing this up. ;)

    1. You are so true Mr. Stranger

      It was all my pleasure to make a mention of his great work. Yes yes, it indeed was.. :D :)

  10. First of all congratulations!!!!
    you deserve it!
    secondly, he is one talented chap!
    Wat beautiful lines!

    1. Red...thank you yaar!!

      Yeah, he is one hell of a talented person. :)

  11. Loved the lines from Rumi, thanks for sharing.

    You always have my 5 stars, and you are talking of first award (sigh)!