Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What a Hoax.

This life which you and I are living, is a picture of some ugly art. It has a few little soothing shades placed on some portions, here and there. But overall, the picture is glum, ugly and a lot bitter. And we are nothing but a part of this ugliness. Or perhaps, some other world's hell.

But what if this picture does not even exist? What if the soothing shades are a charade, a deception, a lie? What if this life is a lie? A fucking big lie.

How sad! It sucks both ways. We are either surviving in a hell or living a life which is an illusion, a mirage.


  1. Why such negativity! Its a choice, I believe, and we see what we choose to see. When everything seems bleak, the art is grey and black and violent shades of depression but it takes only a moment, only a word, only a person to turn those murky colors into one single shade of happiness, cheer or content. Though that shade might not remain for long, we must take comfort in the fact that the murkiness doesn't remain forever either.

    1. When someone extremely close to heart battles with a life threatening disease and every little hope fades away, one does lose the sense of positivity and indulge in stark hopelessness.

      Life has been pretty cruel lately and there is no sign of it being any better. Thus, the post.

    2. There is always a silver lining, dearie.. My prayers are with you all.

  2. What a Hoax. The period you put after the title makes so much sense.

  3. //Or perhaps, some other world's hell.//

    This line shook me! Stay Strong dear, life is indeed cruel but let us hope at least, that is the one thing we can do at such times.

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

  4. Yeah..life sucks..big time..!!!!:-( I know most of us merely pretend to understand what a person in pain is going through...but the truth is..our pain is ours alone!!!