Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August to Me: In a Nutshell.

I wanted to write about so many things which happened in the month of August: how beautiful it was, the dark clouds, the happy hair days, the good health and workout sessions and how I looked forward to feel the monsoon kisses every day. But sadly, the month ended up giving me a very disgusting and severe skin infection. It wrested my confidence and grounded me within the four walls. Though the receding phase has begun, the risk has of it getting worse has not subsided and I'm yet to discover my pretty old self again. Uh...how badly I miss my geeky face.

Anyhow, this post is not about the disease. This is about the things I wanted to share on Mirage, a week back.  A little late I am and it is September, already. Gosh, we are in the 9th month of the year. Where was I  during the whole time?

Busy growing up, probably.

  • After yearning for months, I finally purchased a charming dream catcher with sea green feathers. For those who are not aware of what a dream catcher is, let me give a brief insight. It is a handmade object adorned with a thread in a web like form along with some beads and feathers. As per the Native Americans, the night air is filled with dreams both good and bad. The purpose of a dream catcher is to trap the bad ones in the web and filter down the good and happy dreams through the feathers, to the sleeper. Since, I have a strong connection with chasing dreams of all kinds (from serial killers to savages) I dearly needed it. Also, because it is such a beautiful thing. Here, have a look:

(This is not mine, but yeah you got an idea, right?)

  • One fine day in August, I decided to give my room a fresh look. And this is what I did:
(Creative much, eh!)

(Oh and this too)

  • My dearest brother gifted me a brand new sexy DKNY watch this Rakshabandhan. Eeeeeeeshk!
  • Oh and I bought a pair of 3kg dumbbells. I'm gonna be a strong and pretty lady soon. ^.^
  • It's been more than a month since I earned my first pay check, and I have not yet thought of anything to splurge on. Damn! There are nth number of things which makes me greedy and still I always end up with nothing. Suggestions please. (No party-with-friends suggestions accepted)
  • Hey, I got published AGAIN!!!! The good part is that the magazine shall give away a surprise gift to each published entry. Eeeeeeeshk! Guess, I should make a new page for the whole list of my published work. xD
  • This reminds me of a very important news. One of my blogger friends Phatichar (Sadly, this is what he calls himself in the blog world.) got his own book of spooky tales published by none other than THE Harper Collins publishers. Can you believe it! =)  I have ordered my copy and you guys must do it too. Right now! Here is the link which will help you: Frankly Spooking.
  • Lastly, a Statutory Warning: Do not watch The Conjuring. Period.

Until next time..
Take care dear you!


  1. Wonderful post as usual and some great acquisitions and imagery! Congrats on being published yet again - you're making a habit of it, I see :P

    And...thanks for mentioning the book. Touched. :)

  2. Ah time to give my room a makeover too?

    Yay we got published again. All 5 months :D. You are my lucky charm I guess.

    I never knew what a dream catcher is, until now. I badly need one, thanks to my nightmares. Where do I get it?

    And 'The Conjuring', phew. Another reason for my night mares.

    1. I know, right! Aren't we each other's lucky charm?
      Also, these TR people, they have become like a small cozy family. :')

      Sure! I will inbox you the link of the site soon.

  3. Plenty to celebrate about:) Wishing you even more reasons to celebrate in future, Vinati!


    and the thing that you have done on your wall, have you done that by yourself or is it a wallpaper or wall decal?

    1. Give my you id, I'll mail you the link of the awesome site. =]

      It's a wall decal. Easy, cheap and pretty. :D

    2. Email me at adalicia-vivienne@live.com. Oh I have a wall decal in my room too. cant wait to show you my room. Bdw how do you get your book published by Harper Collins? I mean do you send them the script or what? I want to know the procedure. I am going to see if the one written by your friend is available in my are. :)

    3. I think yes, that should be the procedure. You can go through the submission guidelines on their official site too.

      P.S: Just read my previous reply. Hahaha..'give my you'..was I drunk? :P

  5. Arre Congrats Ladkiiii!! I don't know how but your blog just vanished from my reading list. :/

    And DUDE spend your first paycheck. I went bazooka when I had got mine. :D
    I hope you had already spent some of it by now (since I am reading this late). If not, then buy books. :D
    That's what I do with mine. And chocolates. Ice-cream too. Hagen-Daas is my new love. Hog away, my friend.

    The room looks kickass, by the way. (Though i am not a big fan of dream-catchers):P
    Way to go Bhola!!

    1. That is one regular problem with Blogger. It sucks!

      Wow...thanks for the lovely ideas. Uh..that sinful Hagen-Das.. It's highly addictive. :|

      Whheeeeeee.. Thaaaaankyou! :D