Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sneaking Around the Corner, Winter?

Image Source: weheartit
of winter
crawling up in
a slender motion,
as I snuggle deeper
along tired creases of
ivory sheet. A new day breaks,
brimming with morning blues, hazy dreams.

ACs have stopped being a necessity, fans are just goosebumps nothing, morning showers now give nth chills and shivers, having water straight out of the fridge has stopped being the easiest thing and yes, the mood of festivities and celebrations is spreading happiness everywhere.

Wow..I smell winters, finally! :)

About the poem:
This is a reverse nonet.
A regular Nonet is a nine line poem which has nine syllables in the first line, eight in the second, seven in the third...and ends with one syllable in the ninth line.

My first nonet was published here.

P.S: Did you notice a new page on Mirage? No? Scroll up a little..that's it...there: Published Work
Yuhooooooooooo! xD


  1. Nice Nonet! I loved this pic as i love winters..summers are so horrible in northern India :X

    1. I swear! There isn't one thing good about summers here.

  2. The nip is in the air and can feel it through poetry as well:) Wish you a very happy festive time and congrats for the new look!

    1. Thank you.
      I wish the same for you too sir :)

  3. MY FAVOURITE SEASON IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this nonet by you was amazing!

  4. Meanwhile it is still so hot in mumbai :\

    Lovely nonet!

    1. Tch tch... :P the only time when I enjoy living in Delhi


  5. Teach me these various kinds of writing a poetry, no? I always seem to have a rush of words with me, while you convey wonderful things in just so many words! :D I am your student now.

  6. The thing is I suck at writing loooong posts..this is the reason I have to cut my thoughts down for them to make some sense.

    I'm learning various new forms of poetry these day. It's a good past time, you know.
    Hehe..yes. Sure sweet love. Muah!

    1. You know, it's a craft to shorten your thoughts to cogent bits, which wordiness (Ahem, guilty here) often takes away! So, I think, you do not suck in any manner! :D I shall give you a call soon! <3

    2. You are so so nice. Thanks yaar!!!