Friday, December 27, 2013

27th of December it is.

Semester exams got over today. I am through with the 7th semester of Law (Still three more to go..gosh!) And also with the Game of Thrones. Yes, I finished all three seasons during my end semester exams, that is how gripping it is.
I don't like gore. I don't like excessive violence. I don't like to watch trauma or an hour long episodes, yet I finished it within two weeks. No wonder I have blind faith in the rating of imdb. However, I strongly believe it is no less then a sin to make the viewer wait for so long before the next season is aired and create a whole ambiance of unwanted suspense. I so want to know what happens next, right now! Ugh.
Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why novels are better than movies or serials.

Well, it is not going to give me any peace at the moment. But what might give me some peace is the fact that it is 27th of December again. I love, adore, cherish this date like hell. It is and shall always be super close to my heart. A little too sentimental na! Let's keep mum now.

Okay, I'm done blabbering.



  1. Congrats for the fact that you came so far.. 7 semesters! I remember my 8 semesters of Engineering! Gahh!
    I haven't read or watched GOT and I am seriously considering the books. People have been raving about both. I'm so far behind in trends >.<

    1. I know, it's no less than an achievement.
      Haha..don't worry! It's better to start late and watch all seasons back to back then wait pathetically like me for the next season.

  2. Keeping apart the imdb rating, The Game of Thrones is still a gripping series. One can't just miss it.
    Believe me, those 3 semesters will end in no time. I keep wondering where did the four years of engineering went ?

    You still haven't told the reason for this day!

    Done blabbering ? So soon? This is so unlike you. :P #JustSaying

    1. Don't scare me okay!

      Hahaha.. nope! I won't. I want badly..but you know how such information on blogs can be risky too.

      I was so sleepy last night...isliye fatafat kuch bhi likh diya. xD

    2. Haha, that wasn't my intention. But believe me, you will have a good time being in college. So, enjoy.

      Yeah. That is also there. Well, at your convenience then, or don't.

      It's okay, I was just kidding.
      I am not even doing that. :/

  3. and U did not tell y it is close to ur heart. Or may be blogged abt it before and I forgot :(
    and by the way, trust me when I tell u this because I never thought I wud ever say it. College is (however crappy) the best time f ur life. Yes I am a product of law school too. I knw it lucks but it is still better than what awaits you outside.

    1. No, I haven't...ever! May be some fine day I will..pakka :)

      Yes, that is so true! Even I, somewhere deep inside, wish that these five years won't come to an end. I see you guys (you and MSM) and think to myself, damn! I haven't planned anything for my future. What am I gonna do? -_-

    2. Oye, not like we planned anything either! I didn't for sure! :P Had a LOT of hiccups before I landed up in Masters, at law school AGAIN! :D So, take your time, do what you love and rest, things will unfold! :D And I am super happy for ya!! :D

  4. I don't know why it is special to you, but I sure as hell am happy for you :)

    May your smiles last for ever!

  5. Wow, congrats for making it through seven semesters of law school! Happy for you for being happy on the 27th, whatever the reason may be! ♡ ;-)

  6. Whatever the reason may be, let the smiles last :)

  7. I know..:P
    And may your smile last forever. :)