Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Randomness in Six Bullets

  • The big hullabaloo of elections in my city ended on a very apprehensive note. Though on one side, I thoroughly enjoyed watching our very dear Sheila Dixit wear a glum face and utter 'Hum to bevakoof hain na', the nail biting competition between BJP and AAP did not come to clear end. It is hard to bear the curiosity any further, which is why I feel a little frustrated.
  • Remember a year ago, I wrote about one of my classmates getting married? Well, the O-Em-Gee news is that she gave birth to a baby boy, a couple of days back. Extremely fertile, no doubt and I remember one of my blogger friends warned me of this day. I had never thought it would arrive so soon. My classmate!!! She is married and a mother of a boy. A mother, I repeat. And I am just Twenty One.
  • How do you respond when one fine day you open your Facebook account and find 78 notifications from an acquaintance who has liked raided your profile and albums completely??? #creep >.<
  • The Supreme Court has highly disheartened me and many of my fellow Indians today. It was nothing less than a shock to read about the latest judgement which has criminalized homosexuality. What in the world is wrong with the Apex Court?? It's such a shame that in my country marital rape is legal while consensual sex between two adult homosexuals is not.
  • Coming back to the virtual world, I don't know why most people on Facebook are so engrossed in making their personal comic strips which is nowhere near to being hilarious. I don't think it is too hard to understand for a man of average intelligence, how lame these Bitstrips are. I'm being cynical, yes and I like it.
  • I have started watching the series 'Game of Thrones'. Wanted to know what the fuss was all about and also because imdb has rated it 9.4. So far it has kept my interest intact.

P.S: Iloveyou for being a reader of Mirage.
Happy 11-12-13.


  1. Hi
    Interesting post! u r only 21 and u write such deep poems! way to go girl :)

  2. Ugh... facebook. I have a love/hate relationship with it!

    1. I know right!
      It is and shall always be that way.

  3. I can't believe some of the things I hear either. What's wrong with the world?


  4. I say, be cynical, it works for me. I haven't graced the pages of Facebook in probably 4 years and while I can halfway see the practicality in it, I'm just not down for exploiting my life in that way. I thinks it's a strange phenomenon.

    Anyway, I like your blog.

    1. No, it's not. In fact, it is a sensible phenomenon.

      Thank you! :)

  5. SO true about the people having babies. Wait till you get to 23, almost everyone you know will be having babies. I know someone who got married 4 months back and she is 3 months pregnant now.

    You have just started GoT :O How did you resist so far!

    1. Haha! What is the hurry to conceive so quick? Like there is a secret competition going on among couples.

      I know I'm very late. The thing is I usually repulse watching episodes of more than 20 minutes. I've left a couple of series unfinished because of this silly resistance. :P