Saturday, February 15, 2014

You know your days are going well when..

-Your brother voluntarily opts to prepare French toasts for you in the morning, almost every other day.

-And oh, those French toasts are deliciously tasty as well.

-On a bright sunny morning, you put sunglasses on your already handsome doggy and instead of wrestling to take them off, the doggy strikes a pose.

Yeah, he's cool.

-All your life you are tagged as skinny and underweight but with a lot of hard work (read a lot of eating) and improved diet plans, you gain around 5kgs in mere 5 months and shut everybody's goddamn mouth. Trust me, this thing made me THE happiest.

-Your workout sessions at home, start showing breathtaking results and you finally have more than just traces of calf muscles, biceps and triceps. Told you, I'm gonna be a strong lady soon.

-After consistently pestering, you succeed in convincing your parents to plan a trip to Kashmir. Yay!
No wait..what if I just jinxed it.

-You spend your Valentine's day with some of the most awesome people in your life in the most awesome weather at a place where you've wanted to go since many years.

Surajkund Crafts Mela 2014

-You have more than one reason to be happy. Period.


  1. nice! lovely doggy, congrats for gaining weight! and keep smiling :D

    do post some b'ful Kashmir trip pics soon!

  2. Loook at your pet!! Such a handsome bwoy I mean Doggie!!!!
    And if only there was some fat transfusion system!! :(
    you are beautiful!

  3. This is such a happy happy post. Good food, good body, good friends and a dog. Life is good! :)

  4. This is sucha happy happy post!
    It made me happy too :)
    Oooh Kashmir :)

  5. THAT Dog, miss, is gorgeous (or whatever term we use for describing a handsome looking male. Oops, I said it! :D )

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. well, Vinati, you haven't tried skiing yet, and winter is almost over....

    maybe your Kashmir trip will afford you that opportunity...

    1. Skiing.. hmm, but I doubt that.. The temperature there rises in March. -_-

  7. Such a feel good post :) Ah you'r'e so lucky to have french toast made for you!

  8. That dog would have a line of bitches around, I'm sure. No pun intended there :D

    I'm so happy for you my dear. Touch wood. <3

  9. oh my gosh, the dog... i can't even handle it! i can feel your happiness exuding through your words :)

  10. Ooh....tum badi pyaari ho! :D You know I lou the dog, right? :D Have fun my lovely!! Photos bhi dekhni hai! :D :D