Sunday, July 13, 2014

There is nothing more tragic than reality.

When small pieces of love
are blown away by a single breath of wind
in a whirlpool of broken sentences,
you stand still at the center and watch them
dancing in disturbed,
tired patterns
till they gradually fall on the concrete, 
placing themselves
like a longing that found its end before life.
You don't rush to get hold of them.
You don't try to put them back in their right places.
You let go, for now and forever
because there is nothing more tragic than reality.

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  1. very (very) sad and unreal

  2. Ah! what an imagination! deep words with profound emotions! your poems always touch my heart :)

  3. We watch indeed. Reality does force us to do so.
    Very poignant.

  4. Splendid! The words just had so much meaning!

  5. Couldn't be more true. That's another tragedy in itself.

  6. It's so true it makes me want to scream! You always make me feel and think things in this deep way when I read you, you're wonderful.

  7. Sigh - the title says it all. You are so good with your words :-)

  8. True to its depth and breadth, reality gives you something to ponder about. Tragic indeed when it comes to certain things and balancing for some other. Great one, Vi!