Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Today, I'll be an inspiration.

There will always be a world swarmed with bouts of drama and cheap gimmicks. There will always be a world where innocence fades to dust like a natural process of fulfilling its only purpose. That world, that place, those people, those eyes will always, always make you feel terrible for once being a part of it. You will be dejected and despaired. You will flutter against the grey walls of their low lives. You will feel breathlessly awful and sad for yourself.. but feeling awful can be a good sign too. You look for signs at every step, at every little corner. Signs and their hidden, mysterious meanings. Here, i give you a sign.
You feel awful because you are not meant to stoop down and feel sharp fragments of hatred all over the skin and puckered fingertips. You are meant to rise! You are meant to go beyond the weary world adorned with amorphous thoughts of weary people. They are dead and the air around them is painfully stale. And you on the other hand, are the best thing you can ever be. Use this sign and take a leap of faith because this is how it was meant to happen.

And learning life is never easy.

Ghar :)

Wish you a very Happy Diwali dear readers.

People look for inspiration all the time, knowingly or unknowingly. This Diwali, be somebody else's inspiration and trust me, it will be your best Diwali gift.


  1. That was very beautiful, inspiring and deep! I loved reading it, really!


  2. Learning life is something that I never do and I think that's a reason to go on living.


    1. if only there was a choice.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. How beautiful! The picture and your words! :)

  4. The best thing to read first thing in the morning. :)
    I hope you had a great Diwali.

  5. loved it!
    May this Diwali brings new reasons to cherish!

    1. Dishitaaaaa.. Hope you had a super awesome Diwali.

      Keep coming back here. :*