Wednesday, November 5, 2014

One step closer

Write a song and teach me
how not to be
afraid of isolation
that creeps in when I tumble on
empty grey sidewalks,
or that settles down
like dust
on faded ink of half-filled notebooks.
Teach me how to befriend,
how to make it a part of the skin,
the solitude
of disoriented moments
that exists deeper
than the slow rush of blood
amidst weary veins and black charred bones.
Write me a song.
Make those moments, the life which was
always ours,
an interesting piece of play..
a little more perpetual than the
the lies, the cries,
the people, the puppets, the hatred, the agony,
the miserable nights, the forced smiles,
the only me and the only you.

Paused at Howra bridge, Kolkata


  1. this holds so much. i filed this one in my favourites folder!

  2. Wow! I loved this! what a lovely play of words depicting deep longings and emotions. A plea to break few from all the drudgery and bitterness to enjoy a few moments in peace with the beloved..awesome :)

  3. good attempt... is there a connection with Howra bridge though ?

  4. I need to reread someone can break us free from all the wrongs and the bad experiences that have come our way.

    1. and we always need that someone to break us free.

      Isn't it just useless to pretend to be independent?

  5. So beautiful and I love the photo :-)

    1. Coming from you, it means so much!

      I'm a huge fan of your photography.

  6. this poem brought to mind the same emotions and sense of self expressed in the early songs of Paul Simon, ie., like "i am a rock" and even "sounds of silence"...i have certainly been there too, Vinati...

    i also agree with Raajii that the photo was a well chosen metaphor, and it struck me as quite awesome when viewing it for the first time in an even larger size with my RSS reader...of course, i had to look up the Howrah Bridge to understand it...

    have you ever given any thought to making collages? you have a good sense for meaningful visual juxtapositions that would work very well in that medium...

    1. Thank you for sharing those links. Beautiful songs, especially Sounds of silence.

      Yes, the photo felt so right. Choosing a picture for the blog is one of the most relaxing things to do and I enjoy it thoroughly.

      I haven't yet. It requires time and I'm lacking a lot of it lately. -_-

  7. Reminds me of 'show me how to live', but on a more mellow scale :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. I haven't heard this song.. will hear it now.!

      Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. This is the most beautiul thing I read today. The picture was the cherry on top. Your post title also reminded me of the song, "Thousand years" by Christina Perri.

    "One step closer

    I have died every day
    waiting for you
    Darlin' don't be afraid
    I have loved you for a
    Thousand years
    I'll love you for a
    Thousand more.."

    1. Thank you Dhara. Those are lovely lyrics! I have to listen this song.

      I'm amazed how this post reminds many of my readers, of various beautiful songs. It is no less then a compliment. Thank you once again!