Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mad race.

I have slowed down
but i'm still
making my every step,
my every breath
in this unfair mad race
that i am a part of
since the day i opened this heart
for you, for him, for her
for them to watch it start
pumping sense 
to my brain and then
steer it
again, again,
time and again
amidst a crowd of hopes
crushed by weak, ailing feet
of envy, of lust,
of betrayal, of greed
running together in semblance
of monsters and angels.
Yes, there are dreams too
there are things like
rains and rainbows,
poems of love and fires of the stars
but they found their home long ago
leaving behind
just these numbed scars.
And now the light is yellow,
we are all on our toes
ready to run faster..
faster than before.
So let's take a moment here
and feel sorry for ourselves.
How beautifully this mad race
has turned us into a mess.


  1. It's sad we all have to be a part of this mad race

  2. Ahh!
    I guess we are feeling similiar vibes Vinati.
    By all means! we shall unapologetically slow down.

  3. One needs to take time off to appreciate the beauty of 'woods that are lovely dark and deep':)

  4. You shall come out of it with flying colors, I'm sure :)

  5. We all are part of that mad race.
    But as messy as this mad race be, we would still find that solace in something and we hold that dear to us.