Saturday, August 14, 2010


Allow me to smirk at the butcher's knife
Raking through my soul for hope....
The Lost One!!!

Allow me to sail through the oblivious world
To find a refuge...
The Undiscovered One!!!

Allow me to escape through the
Melancholic core of my soul...
The Non-detachable One!!!

Allow me to count on
My cloud-cuckoo land for mirth...
The Surreal One!!!

Allow me to bring back
My heart in the pink...
The Faded One!!!

Allow me...allow mend my broken dreams...!!!


  1. thanks a lot!!
    yesterday i was going through your blog...and must say that u write so very well...i am awe-strucked...*thumbs up* buddy!!

  2. hmm i used to be regular at fb...but not these days

  3. and i really like this one!
    take care!