Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Stranger's Gesture

It was a long and a tiring day. She was completely worn out due to the stressful assignments given to her in her college and what also added to her worries was the upcoming presentation. Thanks to her oh-so professional course. So with the bag of all such tensions, she stepped into the metro and headed back home. As always, the metro was heavily crowded and she did not get a seat. She made her way and stood near one of the train's door with some people staring, some listening to music, some talking on phone and some having a restless nap.

After two stations, few punk looking boys boarded the train and on seeing her standing all alone, they started passing lewd comments. For her it was not the first time that she was being a victim of eve-teasing, but by looking at the cheap expressions which they gave, she felt that this time it was going a little over the top. Those four boys made her nervous.....really nervous. She tried to deviate herself by turning around and when she did turn, she saw a decent-looking boy wearing a red tee and jeans, sitting in front of her.....and observing what was going on. She gave that boy a jittery and a 'please-do-something' look and then turned again.

Things were now getting even worse as she saw one of those four boys was moving towards her with a wicked smile on his face. And the other three were giggling and enjoying the show thoroughly. Just as she gasped some air and felt her heart beating faster and faster, the boy in the red tee stood up and came between the girl and those goons. He faced the girl and whispered..."Don't worry, I'm here". She took a deep breathe and felt comfortable with his words. He then turned his head to those four men and gave them a get-back-or-I'll-thrash -you-up look . And with such a simple step by the stranger, those four boys did stop doing all that nonsense stuff. The moment was intense for the girl and this boy but subtle for others as nobody noticed it at all. Nobody noticed the way this boy, though being a complete stranger, helped and protected her, made her feel that she need not worry at all. And this sweet gesture, left her awe-strucked. She kept looking at him, wanted to thank him a million times, but was just not able to say anything.

A few moments later, an announcement was made. Her station had come. She stepped out, turned back, smiled and lip-synced a big 'Thank you' to the boy. He nodded and smiled back and the door closed.


  1. mast hai vini..loved it...wish it was true hehe

  2. Wish strangers help each other in real life too! One quick suggestion here - black text on the green background went well in your earlier posts, but light green text makes it hard to read.

    Keep writing!

  3. shukriya chacha nehru :P
    even i wish the same ;) :D

    yeah...i'll keep that in mind....and thanks for dropping by :)

  4. Now this was some slick writing - tender, fierce, crisp. Going by the first comment here - total filmy!

    But, what a read! Do this kinda writing more often. :)

  5. =)
    Thanks. But this one is loosely based on a real life experience to which I added all the extra spice and everything :D