Saturday, August 21, 2010

Winged Dreams

Life's a roller-coaster ride, keeps on changing every second. It changes when you become habitual...It changes the moment you believe that OK, things are going to be the same for some time at least. Well, I may sound a bit philosophical but believe me this is what i recently experienced. Its not that i have never gone through such 'changes' but this one was pretty quick and sudden.

Remember just a few days or a week back i wrote that I'm super vella and have got nothing to do at all. Well i think god was listening to me at that time and so he turned my life upside down. This was pretty much expected but not so soon. I mean i created this blog because i thought i would be having plenty of time to share my thoughts, like i was having for the past one month. But as i said life changes every second.

OK now enough beating about the bush, let me tell you friends that I've joined a law school and my oh-so college life has finally begun :)

Sitting in a law school, learning about all that I've yearned for so long gives me so much peace to my mind and it becomes inexplicable when you see that your dream has started blooming. And the feeling is even stronger when you've waited for so long. There was a time when I'd lost all hope and stood in utter despair because of the 'stagnating phase' of my life. But as they say...'All's well that ends well'....and its good to be back on track.

Anyway, about my college life, i would say that its pretty good, mixtures of all kind makes it even more interesting, some are here just to flaunt their attire and fashion quotient while some are to get a real sense of law and their are few others who want to enjoy their college life thoroughly (and this includes me).

Well the journey is long...pretty long but with the winged dreams I'm all set to unfurl the surprises....all set to shine!!


  1. yes life is such my dear friend....change is not me it is indeed a rollercoaster life has changed since the day i got transferred to new delhi nd of a sudden i saw things changing...for a person whose social crcle was too good with friends all around i started feeling lonely cz its too bad to be left out u see...nd thats our profession cz u mite nt know where u will be in 2 yrs or so...hey hows college and keep well in ur law school....another lawyer friend of mine is process :D :P u got gtalk then add me

  2. hmmm...i understand
    and hanji bilkul I'll do well...thank u sooo much
    ummm...actually...i had a gmail id...but i forgot the password...hehehehe.... u can give me your yahoo id...if possible :)

  3. hmmm i guess ur blog needs promotion...will promote this blog on my facebook page.... :) cz
    good contents shouldnt be left alone...and this is a good blog..

    yup its

  4. hey that is soooo sweet of you....thanks yaar :)

  5. arey thanks mat bolo :) friends dont thank :) do they?

  6. haha so better dont be too formal from now on :p ;)

  7. yes sir....point noted
    and the case is closed....hehehe.... :D

  8. achha sun u in fb then let me know.....

  9. Its brilliant that you are gonna be studying something you actually like!! Its funny but we d assume a lotta people would be doing xactly that..but hardly ever the count urself lucky and have a ton of fun...good blog here :)


  10. hmmm...yeah you are happens.
    neways, i do consider myself blessed for the same.... :)
    and thanks by the way :)