Friday, June 21, 2013

A Much Needed Vacation

Untouched roads, mystic river, hidden waterfall, chilling on a hammock, witnessing a shooting star, chasing a glow worm, pleasant weather, majestic mountains all around and a private home stay on the river bed. Sigh!
There couldn't have been a better vacation than this.

At Tirthan Valley, I had the most amazing time of my life. The place was simply beyond my expectations. I feel so blessed to have visited it with friends and experienced nth number of blissful and breath taking moments. Really, who would have thought that I would visit a place which is almost similar to what I used to draw in school - splendidly green mountains, sun peeking from behind, a river and an excluded  river side home.


Tirthan Valley is an off-beat place in Kullu district. It is somewhat like a village lowly populated with warm and friendly localites. For someone coming from Delhi, it is a sheer surprise to receive so much respect and honor from others. We stayed at a home stay as no hotels are permitted. The owner, Khem Bharti did everything to make our trip a success. His main place was almost full so we were accommodated at another place owned by him. The idea of us staying, in a private home which was nearer to the river was scary at first, as we had no idea how it would be from the 'safety point of view'. But to our surprise, it turned out to be the best thing possible.

We slept to the sound of gushing white water and woke up to the heavenly view of the Tirthan river.

Here are some picture of my small beatific vacation.

Chilling on a hammock


The hidden waterfall

Picturesque, isn't it!
My friend caught me off guard.

View from terrace

Tea and pakora time

Double rainbow

P.S : I chilled on a hammock and now I'll strike it off my wish list. Bliss!


  1. Wow ! What a lovely place, Vinati! A sheer bliss:)

    1. Indeed! I'm still living in those moments.

  2. OH MY GOD! Breathtaking.. Chilling on a hammock is still on my wish list :( Need to get going with it sometime soon..

  3. Wow this is soooo beautiful! You are sooo lucky. I wish to be here right now :) IT is soo sooo breath taking!

    1. Yes! =)

      And this unbearable Delhi heat is making me miss that place even more.

  4. Beautiful. Seemed like a perfect vacation.

    About time I take one too I guess :/

  5. Love the place...just out of a fairy tale..
    glad you had a great time..oh and lovely picS :D

  6. Replies
    1. This trip has set a big bench mark for all future trips. :D

  7. Lovely! I love hills and rivers! a dream place for a nature loving being like me..unfortunately I am stuck in city life :(

    Good clicks!

    1. I was stuck for almost three years before this sojourn. :P

  8. looks like a good spot for whitewater canoeing, vinati...maybe you'll try that next time, huh?

    1. Due to heavy rainfall, the district administration had banned all water sports during those days.

      But yes, next time. Hopefully!