Sunday, June 2, 2013

Twenty One!

When I was turning ten, I remember jumping around the house and asking everyone to guess the reason behind my extreme level of excitement. They all gave me that dumb confused look and I, with a big smile, flashed my broken teeth and told them that I'm super happy because I'd be entering into a double digit age number.

Yes, that was the sole criteria for being excited. =')

How strange it is to remember that episode after eleven years. Eleven Years! It takes a while to absorb.

I turn twenty one in a couple of days and God knows, why that little ten year old girl is dancing within me all over again. No lame reason this time, though.
In fact, no reason at all!

So yes, twenty one it is. Excited? Hell yeah! But, very sadly, I'm stuck up with end semester eggjams. If this was not enough, I have the can't-understand-one-single-thing-in-the-subject exam on my birthday. *Why God why*

Anyhow, as my plans of the special day are ruined real bad, I have come up with a better one. This year I'm gonna have an extended celebration.
A nice trip 'with friends' is on my mind. The place is not decided yet but it's going to be someplace so much cooler than my super hot city. And you know what, my mom has, all of a sudden become the coolest. She has been consistently asking me about my plan and  is dearly hoping that this time it is not cancelled or even postponed.
How cool you are mother!

And why am I rambling about all this, one may wonder. Because it is my TWENTY FIRST.

That being said, I'm going to play some good music and shake a leg. 

The girl who is turning 21. 


  1. Hahah you know I too wanted a bigger celebration when I was about to enter double digit :D :D
    And yayaa I completed 21st six months back and I know how it feels :D :D SUper excited and independent right :P But a few hours later I was like "OMG I M 21!!!"

    1. Hahahahah!!
      Seriously, that sudden realization is hard to take in. xD

  2. Happyyyyyy 21!!! Belated though! 21 calls for a minimum 2 weeks of celebrations! :D

    1. Thaaaankyou Red :*

      But how do you know it was yesterday??? Miss Detective! :O

  3. well, i turned 65 a few months you might imagine, it was nothing to dance about...

    1. Hey, don't say that. In fact you have a better reason to shake a leg. =)

    2. you mean i should celebrate that i've survived this long?

      well, i guess i could, because im now old enough to be eligible for senior citizen's discounts!

      nonetheless, in my self-absorbed complaining, i have been remiss for not having wished you a rewarding and successful 22nd year and many more to's been an interesting trip so far, vinati...

    3. Hahaha!! No, I meant you can celebrate having lived a good and healthy life so far. :)

      Thank you so much for sticking with me through this blog for such a long time. I really appreciate your support.