Sunday, June 9, 2013

When Writing Heals

About the lost smiles
About the carefree quietness
About those misplaced thoughts
And that feeling of just being together
I would write.

For me, for this naive girl within
I would write.
For the unnecessary dejection
I would sit down in solitude and write.
For the falling of bricks
And not being able to put them back,
For all the sad things this world offers
I would write.

And head back to where I started.
From where the picture looked pretty
No lost smiles, no misplaced thoughts
Pure love. Sweet love.
About this,
I would write.

Because at the end
When all the wrong is done
I shall come back to read
How the things turned right.


  1. Writing does heal. The best way to feel light and at peace. Loved this piece :)

  2. Was able to connect a lot! Beautiful lines :)

    1. First things first, welcome here Gayathri :)

      It feels really good when a reader is able to connect with my thoughts. Thank you!

  3. Writing is survival. Its my medicine, my drug. That's all one needs to heal.

    Lovely post Vinati! :)